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Brains on parade

I maintain a keen interest in science-inspired art and collaborations between science and art in all its forms. Most of my own efforts at the science/art interface have been developing and performing science inspired theatre, but occasionally there is the opportunity to delve into another medium. This Friday night 'Market of the Mind’ (MoM) is back in Melbourne’s City Square. MoM includes circus performers, magicians and burlesque artists, and I will be doing some wonderfully odd performance with my friend Marty Lubran. I have also been working with my colleague Carly Siebentritt on the ‘Suburban Brain Garden’, an installation featuring a rainbow of coloured brains.

Brains on their way to 'Market of the Mind'. Photo by Chris KPWhat is the collective noun for brains – a “concept” perhaps? Anyway it’s been lots of fun and I will try to post or tweet a photo of the final piece, but in the meantime, here are some of the brains roaming outside, enjoying the sun.

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