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"Instructive, fast-paced and fun" Otago Daily Times

Sleep - we all do it and yet so much of it remains a mystery. How long should we sleep for? Do dreams mean anything? Why do people sleep walk? Why do we sleep at all? When we close our eyes and slide into that other existence, we enter a world steeped in folklore and superstition, a world that is as strange as it is fascinating.

Like any of the great mysteries of humanity, scientists have studied sleep for generations. As our understanding has grown and technology developed, more and more has become known about the sub-conscious brain. Catch up with the research, tap your toes to the music and prepare yourself for a laugh.

Somnium is a hilarious science cabaret show exploring the science of sleep. With songs, comedy, and multimedia this is the truth as we know it, in its most entertaining form. Laugh, think and wonder, and go home with something to really dream about.


Here is a few musical snippets from Somnium . . .