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"pick of the festival” Canberra Times

"it is also rare to find someone who can improvise as naturally and as cleverly as Chris" ArtsHub

A unique cabaret performance, Pre-Coital is an energetic mix of music, stand-up comedy, sketches and science demonstrations, all of it based on the stuff that really makes us tick. The show is not so much about sex; it’s about what science can tell us is happening in the lead up – or the attempted lead up - to sex.

The show is performed by Chris KP and live band ‘The Rubber Soldiers’. The music varies from jazz to cabaret crooner to Celtic rock and is responsible for setting the scene and the changing mood of the show.

Pre-Coital considers topics such as

• the odds of actually meeting your mate
• the biology and evolution of physical attraction
• the mysterious world of pheromones
• the complex realm of the emotions
• condom physics, and sperm counts

Entertaining and informative, Pre-Coital offers the audience an understanding of life’s most powerful forces and society’s most compelling and tantalising topics of conversation. This is achieved not from schoolyard giggles, public bar theories or old spouse’s tales, but from the rational, objective and fascinating viewpoint of science.



“Familiar and eye-opening at the same time . . . stay away if you want to switch off your brain”.

The Heckler


“mellifluous singing with incisive wit . . . hilarious . . . science by stealth and serenade”

New Zealand International Science Festival Blog.

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For a small taste of 'Pre-Coital' check out the 'Pre-Coital' Gallery and the clips below. The first is of 'Pheromones' and the second is from the condom section of the show.