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Chris Krishna-Pillay is one of Australia’s most prominent science communicators and performers. His writing and performing credits include, Howard Florey - a Tale of Tall PoppiesSomniumPre-CoitalDante's Laboratory and Ologism. He also directed Faraday's Candle for re-science.

Chris has performed across Australia, as well as in the UK, New Zealand and Japan. Corporate engagements have been with VESKI, BHP Billiton, Victorian Platform Technologies Network, Carlton Connect Initiative, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute od Medical Research, Melbourne Writers Festival, Bunnings, ABC, Siemens and CSIRO. Chris has experience in television, drama, musicals, stand-up comedy and radio (an extensive listing of performances is available on request).

Chris has appeared on television on Outrageous Acts of Science (Discovery Channel), Today, Scope and Totally Wild. He is also a regular panelist on popular radio program Einstein A Go Go (Triple R radio), and was science consultant for children’s television series Wicked Science (Network Ten). 

Chris has worked for CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation – Australia’s national science and technology organisation) for more than 20 years in education, community outreach and staff engagement (note that the opinions expressed on this website are Chris' own and not those of CSIRO, or anyone else). Chris was a member of the Victorian Science Drama Awards Committee for more than 20 years, he is a member of the National Science Week Victorian Coordinating Committee and the Australian Science Communicators. He has presented at education and performance conferences in Australia, the UK, the US, South Africa, Japan and New Zealand.

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