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Trans Tasman Adventures

Luke Fitzgerald and Chris KP get to know the devil withinAs mentioned previously, I have recently been performing at the New Zealand International Science Festival. Accompanied by my good friends Luke Fitzgerald (music director and keyboard), Marty Lubran (guitar) and Jo Fitzgerald (cello) we had a great time presenting the world premiere of 'Dante's Laboratory'. We were very pleased (and perhaps slightly relieved) that the show was so well recieved. Nigel Benson came to the show on Friday night and wrote the following review for the Otago Daily Times.


Captivating Expose of Sin's Secrets

Sin was stripped of its sins at the Fortune Theatre studio last night.

Dante’s Laboratory – the Science of Sin by Melbourne science educator Chris Krishna-Pillay had a near-full house captivated as he explored the motivation behind lust violence, gluttony, greed, revenge and treachery in a fascinating 90-minute performance.

The lesson? It’s not bad to be bad.

In fact, we’re programmed to be naughty when it suits our ends.

Krishna-Pillay had the crowd in the palm of his hand from the moment he appeared on stage, dressed as half dog-collared priest and half demon.

“Who here has never sinned?” he asked.

Not a hand was raised.

Dante’s Laboratory – the Science of Sin was presented as a comfortably low-tech cabaret show, exploring human behaviours, morality and our inherent animal traits, which thousands of years of evolution have only managed to only lightly paper over the cracks of.

The show follows the teachings of medieval Italian poet and author Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) as he travels through the nine circles of Hell and was conveyed with a series of skits, audience interaction, projector and song, accompanied by a trio on cello, guitar and keyboards.

The New Zealand International Science Festival-sponsored show found all the answers to its questions in nature.

“Flowers are just  an advertisement for horny plants”, Krishna-Pillay said.

Despite the earthly subject matter the show was entertaining for young and old alike and delivered with genuine good humour and intent.

“Pride is the essence of all sin”, he concluded before launching into the final song, What’s Not To Love?

Dante’s Laboratory – the Science of Sin is on at the Fortune Theatre studio at 7pm today and 5:30pm and 8pm tomorrow.

Reader Comments (1)

Love the demon pants (or do demons call them trousers or britches?). Congratulations! The performance sounds great.

August 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGinny

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